Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We named our children after towns, that we've never been to...

Alright so sketchy sketching has been back in business as of late. Right now just dumping them here for all to see. Saw the Simpsons movie this past week, it was alright. A lot of what the Simpsons has been for the past decade, kinda dry of humor but it had it's moments. So yeah I have been on a Phantom kick for a while now and it will be pretty apparent with this new entry, so... here it goes.

And two women that have just been residing in my head for the past day or so. Not real by any means( is that weird?). Just characters I will use on a later date.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

You look like a daisy in my lazy Eye...

I have not posted in Forever! Mainly because I have been busy with work, tired, and not liking any of my sketches. Recently I have just been doing scribbles to see what would happen and nothing... Then I don't know how but I got the old mojo back. I think it started with me drawing myself.

And then i knew i got it back because i started drawing the Rocketeer and I was extremely happy with it.

And update on 100 Fables, Myths, and Legends. Painting 2 has started and it will be Icarus. It will be posted by the end of the week. With the stuff for Some Assembly Required. Mentioning that here are the paintings for the last two weeks if you don't wat to click the link...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Now Your Getting With It...

Had kind of a long day. Also for the day i think i may have thrown out the simple line rule for some of my sketches today. Wanted to let the pen loose on the paper. As for the sketch from days before of Midnight Rose and Green Soliloquy, I finished it and i don't think i killed the entire thing. I think it looks pretty cool. Here it is...

I have also noticed that for some reason the old superhero i used to love as a kid has flashed back into my mind. He is the ghost who walks, The Phantom. I used to watch the old cartoon about the phantom in the future and used to love the movie with Billy Zane as well. I think i may look for some books with the Artwork from The Phantom. Who knows how he popped back into my memory. But, He's there...

And another MiracleMan sketch that i was quite happy with...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Money For Nothing!

Thats what i need! So i haven't posted anything in few days... Sorry about that. Well here are some sketches that I have been working on. The first one is two of my characters called The Midnight Rose and The Green Soliloquy. Both superheroes but more masked crimefighters than anything else, these two characters i would like to say are inspired by the ideas of The Shadow and the Green Hornet, you know those kinds of characters. I have a story set up for them but i am always to busy to write and i'm also in the middle of writing something right now. Anyways, here is the sketch of Midnight Rose and The Green Soliloquy...

Next up is the newest sketch for the "Some Assembly Required Blog" The theme for this week is rock. First thing that popped into mind was the ever-loving blue eyed thing. This picture is kindly dedicated to a good friend of mine. Here you go Bryan! and whoever else is checking this out!

And for the records Happy Birthday Meghan Sbertoli!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Its a Damned Miracle

Alright here is the first pencil for the first topic at Some Assembly Required. I just have to do Mister Miracle for the New Gods topic. So i was trying to show him in a sticky situation and keep his cool. I like the escape artists from the real like Houdini to the fake like the Escapist. It shall be painted soon. Keep your eyes open.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

She Has Freckles!!!

I just saw the movie Paprika. All i have to say is Brilliant!!! This will be a quick post. The movie inspired me a whole lot. The artistic style used and the way that dreams are incorporated into the storytelling. It was just insanely amazing. So it was awesome, blah blah.

I did two sketches i was happy with today. I think i am definitely getting a cleaner yet loose line style when sketching in pen so i am going to keep practicing with it. Heres a two page spread i did on the train after viewing the movie,

Strangely i found paprika attractive for a cartoon character, weird huh?

And after that something i threw together earlier today. It is of one of my favorite superheroes named Miracleman, so damn hard to find the graphic novels and when you find them they are expensive as hell.

Later this week you will be seeing two paintings coming. One is for the Some Assembly Required Blog. The other is for 100 MFL's named Icarus. I'll try and go in depth on the process but i really just need to do them first.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Wristed Tattoo

Oh well i mentioned it. So i switched what I am going to do after the Icarus painting. I am going to paint the tale of "The Scorpion and the Turtle". here is the first sketch for it, in glorious black and white! I think with all the MLF ( myths, legends, and fables) i am going to have the thread from the first sleeping beauty painting go through all of 'em so you will see a scribble looking thing in each sketch.
And after that a quick sketch of my characters Joeb and Alison.

That was a quick post. Not much to say. So for now Goodnight.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Strange Days

Quick post, 3 sketches.

Alright Icarus is coming along i have it sketched out. I'll show everything at end. I received my new pen, a Tradio, awesome pen. It was expensive from the stuff i am used to using from value packs and everything but it worth it. The line waits are awesome and i can do a whole lot more than with a regular pen.

So today i was telling a friend that i caught a lot of people taking a glimpse at what i was sketching on the way home. Maybe a lot of people do know the Watchmen, specifically the character Rorshach. I think i am going to read this book again, yes it was that awesome. If you haven't read it you definitely should, even if you don't like comics its a really good story.

And not many people were caught looking at me sketch the escapist, the crowd on the train died down.

To the Sketches!!!
IcarusRorshachThe EscapistThat post was longer than i thought it would be...

Sleepytime Beauty

Well it is late. I have finished this painting. With 100 myths and Fables beginning for me, now i have 99 more to go. Let's see what to say, Sleeping Beauty, ok. I remember when seeing the disney movie as a kid and she was spinning the thread, that image was burned into my head more than her just laying in a bed at the center of the castle. This was also for the Illustration Friday topic twisted but i did it too late. Anyway i wanted the thread to be all over the place and i think i pretty much accomplished that. First time using colored ink, i think in other paintings i will use it for line but i had the plan to use it specifically for the thread in this painting. Anyway with out further ado( is that how you spell it?)...

Next up i think i will do Icarus, i have a long way to 100...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Growth of Anticipation

I started a painting for a little site called illustration friday. You can check it out here. The painting is going to be the first in a long line and it's of a moment in the story Sleeping Beauty. I have a plan for a series of paintings based on fables, legends, and myths. Pretty simply I am calling it
100 Fables, Myths, and Legends. Heres the first sketch...

Here are two recent sketches i have done.

I've been trying to use less lines in my sketches and get sketches that are easier to read. Mind you all i have been using are pens but i guess its back to pencils for a time. Kind of just enjoy sketching in pen, it's like painting in watercolor, you have to know exaclty what you want to do and work with what you have and pull it to your advantage.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Huge Pay Off

Hey guys. So, just saw the movie i was so hyped up to see, Transformers!!! Well rest assured it is not a waste of money. I got a new scanner in so better quality pictures of my artwork shall be posted soon! But for now a quick sketch i did while waiting outside the shedd aquarium last night before the movie.

Also this isn't from the day before but it is something i have wanted to post because of the characters I have a story for.

And after all that two sketches i enjoyed doing.