Sunday, March 4, 2012

My life is different now I swear

Life has been throwing me some curveballs lately and I figured it's time to forge a new path. Push through into all the things that I want to do. Finish the Loud graphic novel and other comic ideas, open up some new freelance opportunities, try to get some new artwork out, and finally polish my style. It's a new chapter of life for me and I'm going to accept it and steer it in the direction that I want to.
Here is the first of new artwork from me. Voices I had while I was just dealing with these changes and every thought in my head was just pulling me in all different directions. Voices in my head just telling me every contradicting idea and how to pull it off. Voices that I know I should listen to and some that I just need to drown out. Voices that I know sometimes we all hate to listen to.
This is a time for changing and adjusting to the new path. I'll be around more often.
See you around.