Thursday, September 20, 2007

Keep The Noise Low

I began my painting of the girl with the key in her mouth. I want to call it "unlocked". I've been very busy with school. Trying to get a more storyboards done to put into my portfolio. I do want to get into storyboarding and comic art as careers. I have also been sketching as i normally do and I have drawn some gems this week. So here they go...
The First one here is a character from of the Escapist stories. Really cool story about a female escapist trying to join the real Escapist, but he doesn't know whether to trust her becuase she might work for an evil organization. Anyway, I always like to draw the pretty ladies.
Another Midnight Rose sketch. I know you can't tell it's him but I just wanted to have one of those moments where the hero get's his 2nd wind.
And I'll just call this sketch, "The Crustacean Ressurection"

So yes a lot has been getting done. But for this week I will do two paintings for Assembly Required. I missed last week( I told you, BUSY). But now since I'm done with the storyboards I can get back to the weekly themes. Which i will be doing and posting onto that site.
So now I leave you with a process photo of "Unlocked".
Have a good one,

Friday, September 14, 2007

Though It's Shallow I Would Lie in it...

So i got an idea while talking to Roderick and looking at his newest full blown painting. He was telling me about skeleton keys and I just think that they look really cool. So i wanted to add like a woman's face enticing the viewer. Have a kinda of look like come and get it if you think you need it. I just have to find a way to make the key more prominent. This is one painting i plan on planning? Also i would like to use this on my postcard and business card.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

From The Glass 20 Stories High...

This blog has been in the back of my mind when it should be closer to the frontal lobe. My school year is back in full swing. And there is probably a sketch being done about every 3 hours now.

And since i'll be adding more sketches now every now and then more frequently, i'll have more things i'm reading and want to be reading or watching. Right now, not at this moment, but anyways, right now I'm reading crooked little vein. A book by Warren Ellis. It's very crazy and wild, slighty crazier than Irvine Welsh's books. It's a great book i recommend it to anyone who likes to read the word "the" you'll be surprised, shocked, and satisfied. I swear i thought i would go through my life without hear the words masturbation and godzilla in the same sentence. I didn't even think those two words would ever be connected. anyway read it.

Here are some random sketches. Two characters i've shown before and two other random sketches.

The lost two i'm calling "man and wife"