Tuesday, January 29, 2008

She'll Make You Sweat in the water

So no new pieces but new sketches coming soon. And I'm also planning a Madman piece. So This post isn't gonna have any images attached to it. This is pure unadulterated me. So yeah a lot of things in this man's brain, Portfolio, Career Goals, Women, The End of School. The End of School, it's weird because normally nearly half our lives are taken over by it. So just gotta be prepared to jump to the next cliff and not look down.

Alright idea time:
-Comic Book Style
-Tales To Astonish format (or something to that effect)
-Have pages laid out like comic pages but not too busy so the audience can tell that they are looking at storyboards.
-Tagline idea "Attack Of The Marbotics"
-Have a Column of images on the Left hand of the cover with characters in the SB's
-Have a Vintage Comic feel to the entire layout
-Use a Wooden Portfolio(similar to rod's, yeh, i know rod i know)
Storyboards for Yeah Yeah Yeah's song "Phenomena"
-One Rotating Cube with several screens all of which change during the course of the song
-images will interchange between the band playing and a man going through weird occurences in his life.
-Things that happen to the man he touches his nighttable while getting up and it melts
-Looks in the mirror, his eyes light up.
-On beat the cube comes into view while rotating and the man is trying to escape a room but everything he touches melts or turns to glass or something to that extent.
-This would be best displayed as an animatic thinking about it right now.

Alright that's it for idea time right now.
Going to sleep
Hope my pictures turn out,

Thursday, January 24, 2008

There will be no right or wrong

Listening to canadian music soothes me it seems. That and reading Madman. Just kinda gives me a bright outlook on life and gets me thinking positive. A long while ago i wanted to talk about artists and people who influence me. Always trying to get better is what we're always going for some of these people and artwork just inspire and influence me.
Alright first up is Mike Allred comic give me a great feeling and make me believe in people, and it's a good thing that i have such great people around me. Will Eisner with his creation of the spirit just get me in the mood for retro and silly ideas that work great. James Jean's work is a huge inspiration because he has such a beautiful distinct style that pulls you in and the compositions make you look at every aspect of the piece. A lot of writers influence and inspire just because of the relationships that they write about and how they work authors such as Cory Doctorow and Irvine Welsh are great sources for this.
Obviously there are many more visual, audio, and thoughtful influences on me but that list is so long and I'm gonna litter them among these posts because if i try to feed it in here it may sound monotonous.

New Art from moi.
A "Magnus the Robot Fighter" piece

And The Skull Cave from the Phantom

Friday, January 18, 2008

Thats warm sweet and delicate

In one of my classes right now so this post is covert so far. Here are some sketches that I have done from old vintage photos, digit? Dig it.