Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Little Secrets( Little Bit of Life news)

So Chicago Comic-Con came and went but it was a great experience. A lot of passersby became interested in Loud and it's look and were asking what I was going to do about getting it published. I have to figure that all out but first i think that I have to complete the graphic novel first and I'm only about 20 pages into it. Many looked over Jodi's work as well as interested in buying prints and such. For the people who follow this blog and the people that I met at the convention thank you for the support and I promise Loud will be worth the wait. And to all of you, keep in contact.
So since I'm just moved into a new home and without my primary computer, I'll see what I can do about giving you some new illustrations to tide you over.

Here's two photos from the Chicago Comic-Con.

Besides Jodi and I being there we had to great friends with us who also happen to be great artists! Thanks to Matt McCarty and Jesse Nelson for pooling together and becoming the JLA( Justice League Of Artists!)