Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wanderer and The Princess of War

The Wanderer finds himself caught between a woman and her father the king of Planet War.

Boring by the sea.

Happy late holidays friends. Been with family and such over the past month, hope you all enjoyed the holiday time. Took a teensy break working on Loud but I've got some writing and sketching down.
Over 2 years ago I started working on this beast. First time I've ever stuck with an idea because I felt that this was a story worth telling. So there are over 60 pages of this with more to come. Here is a glimpse of pages not yet seen.

Writing this story has been fun and testing my creative abilities. Plans for publishing and such will begin start to sprout from my head as the year goes on. Enjoy the artwork because the story is a little over halfway done, and there will be little peeks here and there to show where it is at. An update on the work for it by the way is Jodi Hoover will be editing and doing the colors for the Graphic Novel as we move closer to delivering it to the masses.