Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Workingman's Hands

Whoa! It's here again! Chicago Comic-Con is storming into the city again and we'll be smack dab in the middle of it for a third time! Exclamation point! In a few days we'll be selling prints, postcards, paintings, commission sketches, and my graphic novel Loud:Chapter One complete. If you're in Chicago and don't have plans this weekend come and check us out at table 3151, and if you do have plans... break them and come see us at table 3151.

Remember to look for these 2 foreheads.
And here is a throw down of the stuff we'll have at the table.

See you folks at Chicago Comic Con and stay classy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Leaving on Red Hill.

So I said I would post some more story pages of Tech Ranger and here they are. I tried to just use ink nibs at first but I just didn't feel like it was my work. So I started playing around with brush pen and Eureka! It reminds me of Loud but it has a different energy about it. So after I'm done with this little preview story for Tech Ranger- which will be very soon- I'm gonna move on to finishing Loud. So here are the first 3 pages of "The Last Tech Ranger: To The Rescue".
Also Jodi Hoover and I will be selling our artwork and a bunch of other things at Chicago Comic-Con this summer on August 12-14. Come by and visit check out our work and feel free to buy anything on the table. Hope to see you guys there!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Hi my name is Pluto! Pllllllllllllllbrt!"

This is Pluto, he's an Ice Elemental! He makes the cold, the snow, and the ice. He hangs out with other elementals and has fun because they are all a playful bunch. He's weak against fire types but his best friend is Apollo the fire elemental. Together they just run around the world causing all sorts of crazy problems like climate change. You can't be mad at them though because those whipper snappers are adorable.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Great Hunger is Upon Me!

Here is a redesign of The Devourer of Worlds, Galactus. Still trying to keep his outfit a little sleek, while also keeping the same color scheme. All this with try to make it Galactus. I think I did a good job of "modernizing" the helmet. The helmet is what makes Galactus recognizable, those two prongs sticking out of his head. Also the stone cold expression on his face. The hole in his chest is the energy that he has drained from worlds and when it gets dark in dim in there, he hungers for another planet. The holes in his hands and chest are to plug the machine that he uses, to feed off of planets, into him. He's a hungry hungry man.
Good night surfer.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Never Seen A Bluer Sky

Well hello there. Been a while hasn't it? How have you been? Good. Well I moved to a new place with a Cat in a Wall. New ideas have been forming and a new story is being created as we speak. So Loud is still in production but was on a bit of a delay due to a loss of the script. But it was found and recovered so we're back on that. A new light bulb hit me while i was working on Loud.
A new story inspired by memories from my childhood, memories of Power Rangers. It opened up inspirations from all Power Rangers from Japan, the original versions of what some of us watched as kids. And the new stuff that's over there across the ocean. So yes, this new story is about a young man named Edward who was once part of a squad of teenage Superheroes called The Tech Rangers.
Something happened and his two teammates fell while saving their city. Monsters have seemingly perished and the city is quiet for 5 years. But what happens when only one man remembers the feats he's accomplished and an old evil starts to creep back into the streets? One hero rises again and unlocks a mystery of old enemies in a new world.
Here's a preview:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wanderer and The Princess of War

The Wanderer finds himself caught between a woman and her father the king of Planet War.

Boring by the sea.

Happy late holidays friends. Been with family and such over the past month, hope you all enjoyed the holiday time. Took a teensy break working on Loud but I've got some writing and sketching down.
Over 2 years ago I started working on this beast. First time I've ever stuck with an idea because I felt that this was a story worth telling. So there are over 60 pages of this with more to come. Here is a glimpse of pages not yet seen.

Writing this story has been fun and testing my creative abilities. Plans for publishing and such will begin start to sprout from my head as the year goes on. Enjoy the artwork because the story is a little over halfway done, and there will be little peeks here and there to show where it is at. An update on the work for it by the way is Jodi Hoover will be editing and doing the colors for the Graphic Novel as we move closer to delivering it to the masses.